The 2014 NEET Performance Day of grade 1 was held at the school auditorium today. It started at 8am and went on till approximately 12 noon. The occasion was graced by the principal Col. Ranjith Jayasundara and staff members and by NJOBA president Pradeep Subasinghe and a few old boys. One parent of each student was invited to watch this.

Almost all the students took part and performed under Verse Speaking, Informal Talk and Object Presentation.Today the grade 2 Performance Day will start at 8am at the Language Centre Hall where the opening ceremony will be held, after which Verse Speaking and Informal Talk performances would start there it self. Object Presentation will be held at the auditorium.Grades 3 and 4 will perform on the 26th and on the 30th respectively under Verse Speaking, Informal Talk, Reading and Picture Presentation, all starting with an opening ceremony and continuing similar to the 25th programme

NEET Program, an initiative of Nalanda Junior Old Boys‘ Association with the aim of enhancing the spoken ability of junior Nalandians has been in progress since 2011. This year NEET performance will take place from Sep 23rd onwards for students of year one to year four respectively at college premises.

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