The 2013 NEET program increased its attention to Spoken English by leaving Written English to the specialized government teachers and filling that time with more dialogues. This was to increase the opportunity students had to speak the language. This also paved the way for a Performance Day organized for 2nd and 3rd December 2013.

This Performance Day hopes to provide an opportunity to all students of grade 5 to demonstrate their abilities as they have learnt from the Program under 4 categories, namely Reading, Poetry, Dialogue and Informal Talk. The Grade 5 program will be conducted simultaneously in the school auditorium and in the language centre on both days. They will be judged and the first three places of each category will receive certificates. Winners to be announced in January 2014.

Also, this performance will help participants to a privileged club where they will get the opportunity to undergo special training next year, under several categories. Those who fail to gain entry into the club now,  will get a 2nd opportunity next year to sit an exam at the end of a crash course, along with Scholarship students.

The Performance Day for grades 1 to 4 is similar and will also be conducted during the above 2 days in 4 classrooms in the junior section. That program is limited to students who have scored above 80 marks for the relevant category due to time and space constraints. We hope to get around these constraints in future.The Crash Course and the Club would be the additions to the NEET Program for 2014, targeting Grade 6 and conducted after school.

We hope this will enlighten everyone of the standard of individuals as well as of the general standard of junior Nalandians.

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