The NJOBA conducted an e-conference leveraging high tech IT equipment that has become widespread, with Professor Janaka Ruwanpura, an Old Nalandian, specializing in the the field of construction. Professor Ruwanpura, joined in to the conference from his office in Canada through a Skype video call at the executive committee meeting of the NJOBA on 21st September. The video call was projected to a giant screen and the audience was able to participate in a virtual face to face meeting with the Professor. Cordless microphones were distributed to the members present and a lively conversation took place between one old Nalandian and many who were thousands of miles apart. A wireless camera was used to stream videos of the members and the proceedings at the meeting to the good professor in Canada.

Professor Ruwanpura was thrilled to meet some of his long lost school buddies and got to see close up videos of them while they chatted with him.

The good professor took the best advantage of the event to articulate his vision for Nalanda and proposed a number of potential projects that could be initiated for the development of the school. He also volunteered to award a scholarship for students who excel both in education as well as extra curricular activities.

It was an exciting experience for all who joined in to the conference and marked yet another milestone for the NJOBA in adopting high tech IT to very good practical use. This follows an impressive track record by the NJOBA in the adoption of IT technologies spearheaded by a new generation of IT savvy old Nalandians.
It is probably the first of it’s kind to be conducted by an school alumni association and speaks volumes for the initiatives by the NJOBA in adopting IT for practical and useful purposes.

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