Future Minds 2010 Launched with the participation of Chief Guest, Higher Education Minister Hon. SB Dissanayake. Students from schools such as Royal, Vishaka, Musaeus, St. Bridgets Convent, Bishops, Buddhist Ladies, Pushpadana Balika Kandy, Gateway, Nalanda, and other leading government & international schools participated at the exhibition. Prize awarding for the inaugural “My Success Story” was also conducted with a number of students from leading colleges winning prizes and certificates of participation.
Students from schools far off as Pushpadana Balika Kandy and Kalmunai received their certificates for the “My Success Story” competition. Over 150 stalls are being operated by higher education providers at Future Minds 2010. All imaginable career streams are being offered by higher education institutes, agents for esteemed foreign universities and tertiary educational and vocational training institutes.

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